HROffice Connect.
The HR choice.

Connect the entire HR-process within your organization.
With HROffice Connect you are able to work more efficiently at lower cost.
HROffice also improves the candidate and employee experience.

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We connect people, we connect systems

HROffice connects the entire HR flow

Easily the perfect candidate for all your vacancies

Easily manage all applications with the best Applicant Tracking System.

From contracts to on boarding. Everything is easily arranged and set with HROffice Connect.

Personnel planning, payrolling, even with third party systems.

Choose the desired applications

HROffice Connect is the solution when searching for a tailored HR Saas Solution. With HROffice Connect it’s fully possible to only choose and use the applications that are absolutely necessary within your organization. This way you only use and pay for what your organization really needs. HROffice connects all applications, even third party applications, and visualizes all data within one dashboard.

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Harmonization is essential

We combine forces to be able to facilitate the best service possible. Together with our loyal partners we are able to provide a full service HR solution for every organization.

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No complicated implementations

Efficiency is very important to us. That’s why we make sure we deliver the easiest and fastest implementation of our user and organizational friendly system. This way you are ensured of the fact that you can enjoy all the advantages of HROffice Connect in a fast manner.

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One of our success stories

After a rough period in 2016, fashion chain Purdey continued as an independent brand and faces the toughest challenge ever: transform 22 independent shops to one successful brand and team.

With the integration of HROffice Connect, Purdey managed to realize a significant improvement in efficiency. The time needed for the process of placing vacancies went down with an incredible 57% and the hiring process was expedited with 31%. With an improved quality of hire and applications, the Cost Per Hire reached a all time low record of 454 euro.

"With HROffice Connect, we were able to save on staffing costs with 40%." - Michiel de Rooij, COO & ICT Purdey.

The transformation from paper to paperless contributed to a better and optimal candidate journey. With the management of the whole HR and recruitment process from one central dashboard, Purdey was able to deliver operational excellence to it’s organization. Purdey controlled it all: recruitment, contracting, resource planning and many more. Current and new employees still benefit every day from the power of HROffice Connect.

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HROffice Applications

Recruitment campaigns

Attract candidates efficiently
Tailor made campaigns
Cost efficiently hiring
Knowledge of recruitment marketing.
Leveraging the right channels

Job site

Recruit talent
SEO optimized
Professional look and feel
Influence de the candidate experience
Attractbetter personnel

HROffice Recruitment

The Leading ATS
Webhosting included
Ready-to-use application forms
Ready-to-use e-mails like rejections
Perfect overview with your own dashboard

Onboarding / Offboarding

Alle HR-Proccessen beheersbaar en op orde
Medewerkers sneller ingewerkt
Correcte afhandeling bij uitdienstreding
Alle relevante informatie centraal
Directe efficiencyslag voor je organisatie


Alles met de gemak van slechts een enkele klik
Digitaal ondertekenen
Makkelijk overeenkomsten samenstellen
Milieubesparend en paper less
Bespaart op tijd en kosten

Workforce management

Dé complete en flexibele ERP-oplossing

Het is tijd om het zelf te ontdekken

Maak jezelf en je organisatie onsterfelijk met de kracht en mogelijkheden van HROffice Connect. Test een van de applicaties naar keuze en laat je verrassen.

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