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Achieve a better match between candidate and employer based on a virtual first impression. Cammio is a powerful cloud-based video recruitment platform that enables you to meet the best candidates online at your preferred time in a fair, appealing and cooperative screening process.

Video recruitment helps to strengthen employer brand, while improving recruitment efficiency. This results in lower recruitment costs, improved time-to-hire and better candidates.

Better screening

Using Cammio effectively adds a ‘personality’ section to CVs, giving you a better impression of candidates earlier on in the process.

Shorter recruitment process

A recruitment and selection process without any travel time, unnecessary voicemails or preliminary interviews at the office.

Lower recruitment costs

An easy way to meet, select and present candidates from all over the world using video.

Cammio video recruitment: evaluate all incoming HROffice Recruitment candidates

Recruit better candidates, faster with Cammio!

Cammio offers a combination of live, structured and video pitch interviews in a single integrated platform. The platform offers an end-to-end video recruitment solution that adds value for candidates, recruiters and HR managers throughout the entire process. In just a couple of clicks, you can create your personal interview projects and quickly and easily interview candidates, review recordings and share interviews with stakeholders. Meet the best candidates from across the globe via your web browser or mobile device and improve the candidate application experience at the same time.

The Cammio platform is fully integrated in HROffice Recruitment

The Cammio API allows for a direct link between the platform and HROffice Recruitment, saving you from having to enter details twice. You can work with the Cammio video functionalities directly from your own HROffice Recruitment environment. The first month is free to try. After that, the cost is just €100 per month. All subscriptions include 10 interview credits each month.

Cammio video recruitment: simply create desired questions

Start with Cammio video recruitment today


Cammio offers a very flexible and configurable platform that’s really easy and fun to use.


Simply switch between the different interview types and create new vacancies and custom interview workflows for the various stages of your recruitment process.


Add your own questions or use the extensive question engine with competency and role-based interview questions to efficiently create your interview script.


Give your candidates the option to apply anytime, from anyplace through a fully branded interview environment for a best-in-class candidate experience.


View, assess and compare candidate interviews to efficiently select the best candidates, or share interviews with internal or external shareholders in an inclusive screening process.

Wondering what video recruitment can do for your company?

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