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Given the huge number of people using Facebook, the time these people spend on it and the potential for interaction it offers, Facebook represents a very interesting social media outlet for your company. If you already use the ‘Vacancy manager’ module, creating your own vacancy page with the Facebook career page module is easy.

The Facebook integration with HROffice Recruitment offers you the possibility to post your job vacancies on Facebook under a separate tab. That way, your Facebook business page followers get a clear overview of job openings and can apply direct. This integration allows you to post jobs on your vacancy page at the click of a mouse, while all the responses are collated by HROffice Recruitment.

Create your own career page with the Facebook App integration

Before you can create a career page, you need a business page. Once you have chosen your domain and populated your page, we link your business page to your HROffice Recruitment environment. You can subsequently build a Facebook career page using one of ten designs. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer the page entirely in your own corporate ID, we can sort it!

Connect your Facebook career page to your HROffice Recruitment environment
Creëer uw eigen carrièrepagina of laat op maat ontwikkelen

A Facebook career page is no good without a well-designed business page. After all, the vacancy page is part of the general page. Creating a business page is step 1. And then? The following four tips will get you off to a good start:

  1. Make a good first impression with an appealing cover and profile photo and an attractive layout.
  2. Get the right message across and reflect the company culture in your comments.
  3. Actively involve the Facebook followers and respond to any comments or queries.
  4. Encourage existing employees to like the page or a comment, share it with their own network or make comments.

Broadcast your vacancies by a Facebook career page?

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