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Attract top talent with a career website.


Employer brand is everything

Your company image as an employer - your employer brand - is sacred. We understand. A career website represents a key aspect of employer branding. It helps you attract candidates who are perfectly aligned with your brand.


Best foot forward

The right image will boost your employer appeal and make sure you attract the best candidates. This is the foundation for success in any high-performance organisation. Start with a HROffice career site and get the job done right.


Job marketing made easy

It's our job to make the entire recruitment process run more smoothly and efficiently. Once the right foundations have been laid, your company and the job vacancies will sell themselves. Just the way it should be! If you ask us.


Benefits to you as a recruiter

All within the single click of a mouse

Besides the obvious and clear benefits to the company, it is equally important for a career website to be clear and manageable. Our career websites are easy to use. Users can make modifications or publish items in just a few clicks of a mouse. A career website therefore not only better communicates the company image to candidates, it also offers significant time savings.


Manage all vacancies with ease

Career websites make publishing and modifying job vacancies easy. It is also simple to link them to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), such as HROffice Recruitment, allowing for all applications to be processed automatically. The result is increased efficiency plus a pleasant experience for the candidate, prior to, during and after their application.


Transparency for the recruiter and the candidates

Transparency in the broadest sense of the word is very important within the recruitment process. vacancies are easy to find and search for on a career website. These websites also enable the recruiter to accumulate data with which to monitor the success of each recruitment campaign. When linked to an ATS system, such as HROffice Recruitment, a career website creates transparency and helps manage candidates' expectations.


Top-level recruitment: it's our thing.

The career website HROffice created for us looks fantastic! With a professional and fresh Purdey look & feel. We are also impressed with the HROffice Recruitment technology - an efficient and professional way to manage large volumes of candidates. It's a real asset. We've also started incorporating recruitment marketing into our process, and it's looking promising. We're so grateful for this super HR tool!Purdey fashion

The benefits of a career website

Employer branding. Check.

Our career website makes it even easier for you as a recruiter and company to target and attract better candidates. What's more, the career website helps improve the recruitment process itself, making it more efficient.

A career website not only makes for a more manageable and scalable recruitment process, but also protects your company's image and culture: in portraying a uniform image, you come across as a strong and consistent employer and brand, increasing your chances of finding candidates who are the right fit for your business.

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