From 'great place to work' to 'employer of choice'

The popular La Place receives over 35 million visitors a year and has over 200 outlets. La Place believes in fresh, natural food that’s prepared by its enthusiastic staff in open kitchens. With around 5,000 employees, the company has a large number of vacancies across the company.

Centralisation and local decentralisation
In the past, La Place would mainly rely on job ads to recruit staff. This was done by the managers of the various restaurants themselves. In 2011, as part of ongoing professionalisation, La Place opted to handle recruitment centrally. The set-up was decentralised, with the manager of the outlet responsible for adequate accretion and fulfilment of vacancies. The solution was found in the integrated recruitment solutions from HROffice Recruitment.

Employer Brand
Previously, La Place had always been shy about its employer brand. Things have changed since then. In collaboration with HROffice, in 2011 a ‘work for us’ website was launched, among other things. Now, 87% of people apply to La Place direct, which saves significantly on recruitment costs. Meanwhile, La Place has changed to a centralised approach to recruitment, whereby uniform messaging is key. In 2011, 39% of La Place vacancies were posted on job boards. In 2013, this fell to 13%. However, a boosted Employer Brand doesn’t only save on recruitment costs: Employer Branding also attracts top talent and outperformers. In 2013, the number of applicants rose by 177% (compared to 2011). Of these, the largest increase was among the group La Place most wanted to target. There were 390% more applicants among this group.

Central environment
To efficiently and clearly process that huge influx of applications, numerous HROffice Recruitment modules are used. HROffice Recruitment offers the local restaurant managers the possibility to post vacancies on multiple job sites with a single click and manage, refuse and share large streams of responses among colleagues, among other things – all from a single online environment administered by the central organisation.

Annelie Lourens, recruiter at La Place, suggests that they wouldn’t be where they are today without HROffice. “Thanks to HROffice Recruitment, we’ve been able to make strides forward in professionalisation of our recruitment processes”, comments Lourens. “This collaboration allows us to structure recruitment decentrally, which offers us a better overview and ease. The service from HROffice Recruitment is fantastic, to boot. They are diligent and fast-working.”

“A coporate career website generates 87% direct applications for La Place.”

Annelie Lourens

Recruiter, La Place

Total package
La Place also appreciates the fact that HROffice offers a total package. One the one hand, HROffice provides their digital recruitment solutions. On the other, Adver-Online offers them custom advice from online recruitment specialists. “In 2014, La Place wants to be even better known as an ‘Employer of Choice’ and HROffice is contributing towards our achieving that ambition”, says Lourens.

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