Hunkemoller: video-powered recruitment

Using a versatile ATS and automated video interviews, Hunkemöller is able to successfully execute their ‘Hire for attitude / train for skills’ recruitment strategy, resulting in better first impressions and a better quality of hire; making recruitment a breeze and an extension of the attractive brand.

Founded in 1886 in Amsterdam, Hunkemöller, has grown into the largest highstreet lingerie brand of the Benelux. With around 3.500 employees and more than 700 stores in 16 countries, the lingerie retailer has developed a multichannel strategy for expanding its operations throughout Europe and beyond.

Opening 52 new stores in 2015 alone, Hunkemöller needed to build an operation that could cope with the ongoing European growth and increasing recruitment demand for their 2015-2019 expansion plans. Due to the large number of new vacancies and popularity of the brand, the retailer was facing over 70.000 applicants per year, putting a tremendous pressure on the recruitment process.

Understanding that their people are the heart of their company, ‘Hire for attitude / train for skills’ was developed to emphasize the importance of the right personality with the Hunkemöller DNA. At the same time, the huge amount of applicants was making it hard to eciently select the best candidates. Many applicants were invited based on their resumé, but did not proceed after their first interview. Therefore the valuable time of the hiring manager, recruiter and the candidate
where wasted.

Seamless and efficient process
Wanting to hire a high volume of quality candidates for their customer facing roles in the shortest amount of time, Hunkemöller needed to revise the current process. Their focus was not only to easily find and select the best talent, but also to provide an ecient and fast process that would fit the preferences of their ideal candidates and continuing to position Hunkemöller as an attractive brand.

In order to cope with a time consuming recruitment process, their European ambitions and brand positioning, Hunkemöller turned to their ATS provider HROffice Recruitment to create an ecient workflow that communicates with both the HR departments as the Hunkemöller stores. Also Video Recruitment provider Cammio was asked to provide a fully branded online interview environment to interview candidates remotely. Hunkemöllers’ CEO is featured in the interview process, asking candidates questions and even informing candidates through video in case they did not make the final rounds. Combined, Hunkemöller places video pre-selection at the heart of their process, that focuses on the personality of their applicant: making integrated video recruitment the perfect solution to achieve Hunkemöllers objectives.

For the energetic and innovative recruitment team of Hunkemöller, HROce Recruitment and Cammio’s video interviewing turned out to be the perfect solution to benefit from a seamless and ecient videointerview workflow. Starting with a pilot in both The Netherlands and Denmark to hire temporary employees, Store Managers, Sales Assistants and Assistant Store Managers, the combinedapproach provided them with a fully integrated process that supports Hunkemöller’s DNA.

Using a detailed workflow and automated video interviews, Hunkemöller was able to efficiently screen a high volume of applicants while provi- ding a great candidate experience. The use of video provided them with a better first impression of their applicants, making it easier to identify the strongest candidates in the earliest stage of the process. Interviews were shared amongst the Hunkemöller team to easily involve multiple people in the process and collaborate on who should move forward. The new process resulted in a significant improvement of the hiring rate and lower sta turnover. They were able to confirm that they were pushing a smaller and better qualified group of candidates forward for face-to-face interviews, proving this method was successful: resulting in a total hiring rate of 1 in 28 and a hiring rate of 1 in 5 for forwarded candidates after their first interview. Before the result was 1 in 150 and 1 in 12 after the first interview.

From a hiring rate of 1 in 12 candidates, to 1 in 5.

From there, they began to rollout the product to multiple countries within Europe as they expanded their stores. The use of video not only helped them to enhance their internal process, they also experienced a candidate adoption rate of 80% with overwhelming positive feedback on how keen they were on using the platform.

Thanks to HROce Recruitment and Cammio, Hunkemöller was able to enhance their recruitment process eciency and improve their quality-of-hire. Since its adoption, the retail powerhouse has sent thousands of invitations to candidates across Europe, pre-screening them based on personality and attitude in order to grow their company with passionate new employees. To further strengthen their recruitment activities in 2016, Hunkemöller has started a further roll out of this combined approach of ATS and video in areas in the Benelux regions.

Creating a great ‘on brand’ experience for the applicant and at the same time being able to get a truly ecient recruitment process is what we have accomplished together with HROffice Recruitment and Cammio. We have been successful in getting the best of two worlds into one process!

Suzanne Jansonius

Global Recruitment & Talent Manager, Hunkemoller

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