Miss Etam recruitment process reflects their people approach

With almost 100 stores throughout the Netherlands, Miss Etam has a clear vision for the future and also knows who they want to head into that future with; skilled, enthusiastic and motivated employees who’ll do all they can to please the customer, day-in day-out. But how do you go about recruiting people who fit a specific profile description? We spoke to Kim Thannhauser, HR Business Partner at Miss Etam.

A new take on candidates
“Miss Etam is open and accessible; traits we expect our employees to pass on to our customers. All roles at Miss Etam shops are about customer contact. So for us, it is important how a person comes across. A combination of confidence, sales and service is valued highly in the Miss Etam sales organisation. But these qualities cannot be derived from a candidate CV or cover letter. We believe our recruitment process should reflect how we view people. Which is why we started using HROffice Recruitment and Cammio.”

From quantity to quality
“In December 2015, we started with Cammio video recruitment. Regardless of the sales role you want to apply for, a video application is a standard part of the procedure. Miss Etam was nervous about it in the beginning, but it didn’t result in a fall in applicant numbers. We were still getting plenty of applications in, at least 150 a month. But those 150 were serious about the job, and therefore made the effort to record a video application.”

“Cammio Video Recruitment enhances the CV, but is by no means a substitute for personal contact!”

Miss Etam looks beyond CVs
“Because we want people who are a good fit for Miss Etam, we like to get to know the person behind the CV and the name. So everyone who applies and meets the initial selection criteria is invited for a video interview. These candidates are asked five questions on commerce and customer contact, with one minute to answer each question. We understand how difficult it is to answer questions in front of a camera, so it’s possible to retake the video another time. Our Recruiter is also trained to see beyond the nerves. Naturally, we are looking at how a person comes across, but what they have to say is just as important.”

All applications in a single, clear system
“Our HROffice Recruitment system has been customised exactly how we want it for processing the candidate stream for around a month and a half now, and we’re already seeing fantastic results. No more administrative hassle involving lots of manual actions, but huge time savings and a real uplift in quality. We were receiving around 50 applications per vacancy, and with 80 or so vacancies each month, you soon lost sight. After 1.5 months, we’ve been able to reduce the number of vacancies to 40-45 a month because the vacancies are being filled quicker. What’s more, HROffice Recruitment offers us the possibility to run an instant check on candidates through the Stichting Fraude Aanpak Detailhandel fraud register.”

“With HROffice Recruitment and the Cammio video recruitment integration, we’ve pulled vacancies back from 80 to 40-45 a month in the space of 6 weeks.”

Kim Thannhauser

HR Business Partner, Miss Etam

A portal to the rest of the process
“If you ask us, an effective ‘work for us’ website is an absolute must. Our ‘work for us’ website is a portal to the rest of the recruitment process, because we can draw entirely on the video applications we receive. So our vacancies need to be optimised for findability, which is what led to our new ‘work for us’ website. The fresh HROffice Recruitment design was a perfect fit for our corporate website and befitting of our target group. In addition, the link with HROffice Recruitment adds huge value for us due to the ease with which applications are processed.”

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