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Slachtofferhulp Nederland (Dutch Victim Support) offers free support to victims, family members, witnesses and other persons affected. Every year, Slachtofferhulp Nederland has a large selection of vacancies. Selma van Gorsel, Head of P&O, explains how they manage the recruitment process.

What did your recruitment process look like 5-8 years ago?
I started in February of 2008 and in reality, nothing at Slachtofferhulp Nederland was automated. Back then, we had 50 to 60 vacancies a year, with some turnover and company expansion. Given the limited staff numbers we had at the time, we immediately looked into how we could make the recruitment process more efficient. Part of this involved centralising efforts made in search of new staff.

How did digitisation affect the Slachtofferhulp recruitment processes?
For Slachtofferhulp, the greatest gain was the addition of online recruitment. This is mainly thanks to HROffice Recruitment. Before that, we had a HR advisor, but she spent up to 30-40% of her time coordinating and managing all the outstanding vacancies. Now it’s really simple to manage with the HROffice recruitment system. We can coordinate all the candidate responses that come in without having to use any additional manpower. This is without doubt the greatest gain.

“Without HROffice Recruitment, we’d certainly need an extra 1.5 FTE.”

Selma van Gorsel

Head of P&O, Slachtofferhulp Nederland

Have recruitment costs changed as a result of the transition to online recruitment?
It’s more manageable now. We now have a better idea of turnover of staff and of which projects are ongoing, which have been resolved. There are no more hidden costs; now we’re always in control of the budget. Plus, HROffice Recruitment offers very competitive prices when it comes to publicising vacancies thanks to its buying power.

I imagine that budgets are especially important at Slachtofferhulp. Are budgets carefully monitored and overseen?
We keep on top of our budgets, so we’re really careful where we spend our money. If we look at the vacancies we now need to full, the associated fees are very acceptable. The difference between now and a few years ago, is that we can now look at each vacancy and decide where we want to advertise it. It’s much more differentiated than it was some years ago, which I find a nice addition the recruitment process. Now you can choose how widely you want to publicise a job, and can manage the costs accordingly.

You’ve been working with recruitment software since 2008?
That’s right. We found HROffice Recruitment quite quickly and I believe we were one of the first to work with HROffice Recruitment. The great thing is that the system never stays still; it’s always being revised and improved. Feedback from users is incorporated almost instantly. What I find particularly nice, is that I no longer need to keep an eye on the market. In my opinion, other ATS systems are limited to a smaller niche, and lack the completeness of the HROffice Recruitment product.

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