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The entire recruitment process under control

The whole recruitment process is instantly transparent, under control and above all: manageable. This produces significant cost savings for both the recruiter and the organisation itself.

Optimal Candidate Experience

A candidate's initial encounter with your business needs to be absolutely positive. A transparent, efficient process and an optimised candidate experience will win your company the confidence of potential new employees.

Super easy for all to use

The HROffice ATS system is extremely easy to use and comprehend. As a recruiter, you can get easily started and reap the benefits straight away, without the need for complicated and expensive implementations and training. Who does not want that?

Benefits to you as a recruiter

Complete control with your recruitment dashboard

A configurable dashboard gives you an overview of all open job vacancies, the associated applicants and the phase of the process they are currently in. This instantly saves you time and increases efficiency.

Award-Winning Recruitment

Year after year, the HROffice Recruitment ATS System wins awards for its recruitment software and the results it generates for clients. Recruiters are assured of the very best software in HROffice Recruitment.


Benefit from day 1

One of the reasons behind the popularity of the HROffice ATS System is the fact that any organisation can get started with it right way, without complex implementations, linking or waiting times. You can reap the benefits of HROffice Recruitment's ATS system from day 1.


The recruitment world builds on HROffice Recruitment

"Without HROffice Recruitment, we'd definitely need an additional 1.5 FTE." Since working with the HROffice ATS in 2008, Slachtoffer's recruitment has been easier to manage. Project progress is easier to monitor and there are no more hidden costs. Slachtofferhulp Nederland

The benefits of an ATS System

HROffice Recruitment ATS

The recruitment process is playing an increasingly significant role in modern business. In both existing and rapidly growing companies, recruitment is very important. Primarily because a high-performance organisation is dependent on its people and therefore, on talent. Attracting and retaining talent requires recruitment - and the processes associated with it - to be well organised. These processes can be streamlined by applicant tracking through a system (ATS) such as HROffice. Automating job vacancies, applications and their administration is key in this. HROffice optimises the process, facilitates the best possible candidate experience and boosts chances of attracting top talent.

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