Praxis & HROffice win Werf& Award

HEEMSTEDE – Praxis, do-it-yourself chain with 146 stores, and HROffice, software supplier of an innovative and easy-to-use recruitment system, got a big win on Thursday, May 11th during the second edition of the Werf& Live Event. In the category ‘Best Recruitment Case’, they won the Werf& Award in recognition of the ‘toolkit recruitment and selection’, where Store managers can recruit new employees themselves.

Merel Vollenberg, Chief Personnel Development and Organization Praxis: “we are extremely proud that a professional jury has chosen our do-it-yourself approach as the winner. It is a great compliment for the HR colleagues and pilot stores with whom we developed this toolkit”.

Praxis & HROffice receive Werf& Award

“This prize is a real honor and shows how strong our recruitment solution is”, said Niels Broerse, Business Unit Manager HROffice Recruitment. “In the first edition of Werf & Live, we won the Werf & award in collaboration with Hunkemöller. We are incredibly proud that we have again achieved great results through joint partnerships!”

‘Unique of this solution is that the result has been achieved without even one recruiter.’

The best recruitment case
In the time Praxis had a central policy, the headquarter made the first selection of job applicants. “But forwarded candidates did not match with the profile the Store managers had in mind”, says Vollenberg. “It often led to the Store managers continuing with candidates who personally applied in the shop. But as an organization, you do not want the first candidate walking by, you want the best candidate for the vacancy. ‘

This mismatch has been solved by letting the Store managers manage the process, says Vollenberg. “But with the right tools, so that the professional and uniform character maintains and it does’nt cost the Store manager any extra time. Together with a number of pilot stores, a toolkit has been designed including recruitment resources as a poster and vacancy texts. Then HROffice Recruitment played an important role. This recruitment system offers the opportunity to easily post vacancies and evaluate applicants from just one single overview. ”

The store managers are also helped with candidate selection. ‘Candidates are pre-selected by a questionnaire, with questions like: when are you available? Are you willing to learn more? Are you at least 16 years old? In addition, candidates are automatic screened in the fraud register of the retail sector. Finally, a short digital assessment test, named the job scan (developed by LTP Business Psychologists), helps the Store managers with second candidate interviews.

‘The new policy of Praxis brings recruitment to the Store managers without losing sight of the professional and uniform character. By providing a fixed workflow and quality tools, all Store managers work the same and the quality of hire gets better. It gives the Store managers the opportunity to weigh and compare all reactions and challenges them to review the quality of the candidates critically, resulting in a much lower staff turnover. In addition, now the central point in the process is the candidate experience which means that no (qualitative) candidates get lost and the applicant is and stays in touch with the Store manager directly. Merel Vollenberg: ‘Unique of this case is that the result has been achieved without even one recruiter, it’s a real DIY case.

About Praxis
Praxis is one of the largest and best-known DIY chains in the Netherlands. Praxis responds to the wishes of all customers, both experienced and starting do-it-yourselfers with the best range of products to the most attractive prices. Praxis has 146 shops of Praxis, Praxis Megastore, Praxis Megastore & Garden, Praxis Garden Center and Praxis around the Corner.

About HROffice
Since 2009 HROffice is a software supplier of innovative and user-friendly software for recruitment, Workforce Management and HR. The products support HR professionals with their daily work. HROffice is part of Adver-Online B.V..

Press contact Praxis:
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+31 (0)20 – 20 19 600

Press contact HROffice:
Natasja Wassenaar – Marketing & Communication Specialist
+31 (0)23 – 55 30 359

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