Social media recruitment: your target group is on social media. Is your company?

Social media and recruitment got on well together in 2017. Many companies are already using Twitter, Facebook and / or LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. It is a powerful and accessible way to reach out to millions of people. 

What is social media recruitment?

Social media recruitment involves recruiting candidates through media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn by creating exposure for your vacancy, for instance. To integrate this possibility in your software, the HROffice recruitment system offers a number of social media solutions.

What are the benefits of social media recruitment?

While there are many benefits to social media recruitment, this question can be answered concisely. The main benefit is that social recruitment helps build relationships with the target group. Not only by alerting active and latent job seekers to your vacancy, but also by facilitating interaction. Furthermore, the integrations with HROffice save you from having to go through unnecessary additional steps to publish your vacancy on different channels.

What options does HROffice offer in terms of social recruitment?

Twitter integration
The HROffice Recruitment Twitter integration lets you inform Twitter followers about new vacancies. All vacancies you raise in your recruitment environment are simply posted free of charge on your company Twitter page timeline. Save valuable time otherwise spent posting vacancies on each channel, one by one, and manage all responses centrally within your recruitment software.

LinkedIn integration
Do you use LinkedIn Recruiter and / or have you purchased slots for the LinkedIn Jobs Network? If so, HROffice offers you the option of linking these aspects to your HROffice Recruitment environment. The API-based integration allows you to use LinkedIn for raised vacancies, without you having to pay twice. Read more here.

Facebook integration
With the Facebook integration, HROffice Recruitment makes it possible to post vacancies on Facebook under a separate tab, also referred to as a Facebook career page. Your business page Facebook followers can get a clear overview of your vacancies on this page and can apply directly for them. HROffice Recruitment offers customised career pages, but making your own is easy with the Facebook app. Find out more here.

Social media recruitment campaign
Using social media for recruitment can sometimes involve more than posting vacancies on your company page and getting as many followers as possible. It’s about reach. Which can be achieved by advertising on social media. This way, your vacancy will come to feature on your target group’s timeline, even if they don’t follow your page. Thanks to an intensive partnership with the HROffice parent company, Adver-Online, a social media campaign is also an available option. Advertisements can be tailored precisely to various targeting options. Read more here.

reach talent with social media recruitment on media they visit 2 hours per day

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Would you like to add a social media integration to your recruitment environment?

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