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The report the TNO and the CBS published in June 2017 on the dynamics of the Dutch job market emphasised figures showing that fewer and fewer people in the Netherlands have a permanent job, and that switching employers is becoming increasingly more common. These are two developments that are contributing to the increasing workload of recruiters. But what can you do to make sure you can keep up with the work? A recruitment system can help, due to the following benefits: 

Less administration

One of the most obvious benefits is increased efficiency of your recruitment process. Recruitment software simplifies the performance of your daily tasks, which reduces the number of administrative tasks.

Decreased recruitment costs

As a result of the aforementioned benefit, a recruitment system also helps reduce costs. The recruitment team can focus on other tasks, meaning fewer people are required to do the administrative work.

Shorter time-to-hire

A recruitment system enables you to manage the process better. It will be immediately obvious where in the process the holdups are occurring. A more efficiently organised recruitment process will save you a lot of time managing and processing candidates, for example.

Lower cost-per-hire

Monitoring and analysing data plays an important role in an effective recruitment department. Recruitment software makes data easily accessible, keeps it up-to-date and makes it easy to share reports. Data analysis enables you to make considered recruitment decisions. Plus, it provides a shorter time-to-hire and lower cost-per-hire.

Improved quality-of-hire

There are various innovative recruitment tools available to guarantee the quality of candidates. Examples are video interviews, e-assessments, a ‘work for us’ website and recruitment marketing campaigns. The HROffice recruitment software offers the possibility of integrating these tools, so that you can improve the quality-of-hire from a single system.

Optimising the candidate experience

Organisations largely base the decision to opt for a recruitment system on their own wants and needs. Effective recruitment software, however, puts the candidate first, meaning that potential candidates also experience the benefits. For example:

  • User-friendly means of applying;
  • Quicker and guaranteed feedback thanks to (partially) automated responses;
  • Fair assessment through screening, assessments, etc.;
  • Remaining abreast of career opportunities through subscribing to job alerts.

An optimal candidate experience contributes to your reputation as an attractive employer. This is not only a good thing for attracting new talent, but also for retaining existing employees. As such, you can create a positive effect on staff turnover. This is how HROffice Recruitment (with Cammio Video Recruitment integration) reduced the turnover of staff at Praxis from 29% to 10%.

Curious what these benefits look like in practice?

Our case studies describe in concrete terms how we helped our clients. If you’d rather speak to us in person, we’d be delighted to discuss the benefits our recruitment software can offer you. Get in touch via or call one of our team of consultants on 023 – 55 30 359.

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