4 developments in recruitment projects!

In the past half year HROffice worked hard on several recruitment projects for (inter)national customers. Each with their own unique recruitment issue, but strikingly the same four developments came up every time. Curious about what these developments are? Niels Broerse, Business Unit Manager HROffice Recruitment, looks back on the first six months of 2017.

Dynamic, appealing and informative corporate career websites

“The new generation jobseekers are not looking for a job for life. This makes it crucial to persuade candidates to work at an organisation. This group desire an environment where they can learn and make an important contribution. A corporate career website is an ideal way to show who you are as a company, what you do and represent. Furthermore, this environment can be used as the central place for all activities and communications. Afraid for big and expensive investments? Don’t be, because in practice it’s not that big of a deal. This is why the number of corporate career websites grow rapidly.  And don’t forget the advantages for the ‘employer brand’ and the candidate’s application experience! With its clear structure, obvious call-to-action buttons and appealing images, potential candidates are convinced to apply. “

Recruitment project development 1: corporate career website

User-friendly ATS with well-thought-out application experience

“The above-stated application experience is also important with a recruitment system. The recruitment software offers multiple ways to make the application process user-friendly.”
Read more about this topic in the article ‘Optimise the candidate experience with an ATS’.

“But off course this is not all! An ATS shows an overview of all open vacancies, related candidates and their place in the process. Nowadays the software is not only about managing vacancies and candidates, several innovations put also the focus on the quality of the candidates. This ensures an efficient recruitment process that saves a lot of time and money. Other advantages of a recruitment system are:

  • Decrease in administratieve tasks
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Shorter time-to-hire
  • Lower cost-per-hire
  • Improved quality-per-hire

Read more about these advantages in the following article ‘Considering recruitment software? Why hesitate when you can have all this…!’.”

Recruitment project development 2: ATS

The best converting advertisements on social media

“To set up a vacancy text is one thing, but to make sure the right target group is aware of this vacancy is the next step. In these cases, job marketing is used with the marketing knowledge of the recruiter. We see that successful recruitment campaigns are more and more a combination of job vacancy websites and social media to reach both the active and latent job seekers. Social media recruitment can be set up in different ways in combination with a recruitment system.”

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Recruitment project development 3: social media recruitment

Your candidates on screen

“More and more employers choose for an online application process with video vacancies, -pitches and – interviews. This way the candidate shows its personality already early in the process. This first impression and the personality of the candidate are important and with using video early in the application process, effective choices can be made earlier. Customers who use video applications still have conversations with candidates, but later in the process and with more suitable applicants. So do you have a problem with selecting the right candidate? Does the pre-selection process takes too long? Would you also like to lower recruitment costs, an improve the time-to-hire and at the same time a better application experience for the candidate? Then start with video application!”

Recruitment project developmen

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