February 2017 – HROffice Recruitment: what’s new?

In a changing world, your organisation is changing too. Which is why we are continually enhancing and improving the HROffice Recruitment software with new functionalities. These offer greater ease of use and enable you to work even more efficiently with the software. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the developments with our release notes.

Team review
The functionalities of the Team-review module have been improved on various levels:

  • You can now find documents and results to the preselection questions on the online evaluation page.
  • Using a dropdown menu on the top left of the online evaluation page, you can immediately evaluate the next candidate.
  • All settings, such as adding the option of comments or a grade, are located on a separate page in the submenu.
  • ‘Forward’ allows you to give a candidate a complete evaluation (grade, comments and advice) from a candidate file.
  • When a candidate file is forwarded, a required text field is included. This provides the recipient with an explanation in an accompanying letter.
Release note February 2017 - update Team review

Other developments

  • Manage labels from candidate files. This was previously only possible with the slider that appeared after clicking on a name or title.
  • Subsidiary offices can manually add candidates to an open application created by a head office.
  • You can now search on candidate name in the talent pool overview.
  • Search for all available vacancies on your mobile.
  • A link to the relevant candidate file has been added to the notification email for new candidates.
  • Three filters have been added making it possible to issue individual categories and link them to vacancies. This displays your vacancies under the desired category on your website and enables you to manage the categories in HROffice yourself.

Keep an eye on our website. As soon as a new update becomes available on HROffice Recruitment, a new release note will be issued.

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