Hunkemöller, HROffice and Cammio win Werf& Award

Hunkemöller, HROffice and Cammio are the winners of the first ever Werf& Awards. Hunkemöller was the clear winner in the Recruitment category. The jury unanimously selected Hunkemöller, HROffice and our video recruitment partner Cammio’s entry from the 50 submissions.

The jury was primarily interested in the impact projects had on the recruitment process. “The Hunkemöller results were particularly significant”, said chair of the jury, Marion de Vries.

About the project
Together with HROffice and Cammio, Hunkemöller succeeded in creating an efficient and effective process that ensures an on-brand interview experience.

With the help of versatile recruitment system, HROffice and automated video interviews by Cammio, Hunkemöller successfully executed its ‘Hire for attitude/train for skills’ recruitment and selection strategy, affording the company a better first impression of the candidates and resulting in better employees being hired. The recruitment process thus becomes an extension of an appealing brand.

To provide candidates with an ‘on-brand’ experience, each candidate receives a personal welcome and is interviewed by the CEO via video. 80% of all candidates said they felt very positive about the use of the platform and the interview experience.

The new process led to an improvement in the recruitment percentage and reduced staff turnover. Thanks to the new innovation, 1 in 28 candidates was hired. Previously, this figure was 1 in 150 candidates; an 81% improvement rate.

Of the candidates selected after the first interview, 1 in 5 was appointed. Beforehand, these numbers were 1 in 150 and 1 in 12 after the first interview; a 58% improvement rate.

We are proud to have achieved these fantastic results through the partnership with Hunkemöller, HROffice and Cammio!

Read all about the Hunkemöller case study that was submitted to the Werf& Awards, here .

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