A recruitment system is full of privacy-sensitive candidate data. This data is in safe hands with HROffice!

The privacy of candidate information is a much discussed topic. And it’s no wonder, given the news early this year about cyber criminals preying on HR professionals. What’s more, legislation around data leaks and privacy regulations are constantly changing. These developments demand care, also from HROffice Recruitment.

How does HROffice Recruitment secure privacy-sensitive data?

Over the past few years, HROffice has obtained numerous certificates in the area of privacy & security. On this basis, we can guarantee that our software remains highly secure.


SSL is a widely used form of protection and stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL provides a safe layer between a server and an internet browser to protect information. You can tell whether an online environment has SSL security from the ‘https://’ or the padlock in the address bar. This allows login- and payment information such as passwords, credit card numbers and personal information to be used safely.


The OWASP is an open source project around computer security and best known for the top-10 most common weaknesses in websites. When website administrators take these top ten on board, many problems can be avoided. The minimal security measures are those listed in the OWASP top-10. Read about how (Dutch) HROffice applies the OWASP top-10 in practice.

OWASP-Top 10 for security of privacy-sensitive data


For optimal protection from external threats and to prevent downtime, we work together with Previder. Hosting partner, Previder guarantees the availability, safety and integrity of data. All sensitive information – which is a lot in our case – is held on dedicated servers, and less sensitive information on shared servers. View which certificates are linked to this partnership, here (Dutch).

Thuiswinkel Zakelijk

HROffice Recruitment is a modular recruitment system. This means that a basic application is made available for free, and that additional modules can subsequently be purchased as required. These purchases are made via a webshop. According to Dutch law, the Thuiswinkel Zakelijk certificate from Thuiswinkel.org guarantees a safe purchase under clear conditions. The certificate covers important things like security, clear pricing and diligence around privacy. Read what the certificate means for HROffice, here (Dutch).

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