E-recruitment platform Gotomyjob.com officially launched!

Do you have a job vacancy? Reach the right target group with Gotomyjob.com. This new online solution saves you time and money by offering access to over 300 digital recruitment advertising possibilities.

An easy way to publicise job ads on the most relevant media channels

Start a recruitment campaign without an account, and simply pay per invoice. Choose from:

How can you start a recruitment campaign via Gotomyjob.com

Make informed recruitment decisions with the help of suggestions and predictions

Recruitment marketing via online media is the most effective way to achieve visibility for your job and to increase applicant numbers. Gotomyjob.com is also an excellent tool for finding quality candidates for your vacancy. The e-recruitment platform offers suggestions for combining channels that are relevant for reaching both active and latent job seekers, and provides instant predictions of results. This will give you an idea of – among other things – the expected number of views, candidates and interviews.

View campaign suggestion Accountmanager (HBO) in ‘Noord-Holland’ >>
View campaign suggestion ‘Financieel Administrateur’ (HBO) in ‘Utrecht’ >>

The fundament of Gotomyjob.com

Gotomyjob.com has amassed fifteen years of experience in recruitment marketing and has built up a large knowledge base with performance data from 100,000+ recruitment campaigns and data from social media. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we have translated this data into valuable information. At least 80% of previous campaigns demonstrate that our prediction is right for a similar role.

About Gotomyjob.com

Gotomyjob is an Adver-Online BV brand. Adver-Online was founded in 2002 as an independent, full-service HR media agency, which has since expanded with innovative and user-friendly software for Recruitment, Workforce Management and HR. Through the Gotomyjob.com platform, Adver-Online has also made its service offering available digitally. For personal, customised campaign advice, domestic and international businesses can reach out to the online recruitment consultants at any time.

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