Optimise the candidate experience with an ATS

In today’s job market, the candidates are the ones holding the reins. There’s a reason why a good recruitment strategy is determined by demand and not supply. As such, the candidate experience is often taken as a starting point, as it is at HROffice.

The candidate experience, also known as the candidate journey, puts the candidate first, considering the various steps a candidate undertakes within the application process: right from the moment a candidate looks for inspiration and starts to explore jobs, to the application itself, interview and appointment.

Candidate touch points

However the journey proceeds, the candidate will come into contact with your organisation on numerous occasions. These occasions are also referred to as touch points. At each touch point, a candidate will decide whether to pursue the journey or to end it. The objective for the candidate journey is to retain as many candidates as possible at these touch points.

The tighter you can manage the journey from your side, the smaller the chance of people dropping off, or of you having to refuse people because they don’t fall within your target group.

How can recruitment software help?

A recruitment system offers a number of solutions for making the application process user-friendly. The following are some options:

  • Make the means to apply simple, so that candidates can apply quickly and easily.
  • Build up trust with candidates. Maintaining a talent pool makes it possible to have regular contact with interested candidates.
  • Always send candidates a status update, and if you choose not to proceed with a candidate, give them a reason why. You can still personalise (partly) automated emails.
  • Create a candidate file with CV, cover letter and other matters discussed.
  • Use relevant preselection questions and / or video pitches to assess candidates properly in advance.
  • Integrate a recruitment website to highlight your company culture and core values in a clear and interesting way. An accessible overview of vacancies, an optimal application environment and the option to subscribe to job alerts steer the candidates towards applying.
  • Link your HRM & payroll software to transfer candidate data straight across from the file.

Positive experiences during the application process

You can apply the above elements to the application process, so that you’re providing candidates with an experience. Remember, the negative experiences will also find their way onto social media. Avoid missing out on quality candidates and build the candidate experience on an effective recruitment system.

Would you like to optimse the candidate experience also?

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