Strong together: HROffice and Praxis join forces for the 2017 Werf& Awards!

On Thursday, May 11, 2017 the Werf & Awards will be awarded for the second time. After our win in 2016 with the Hunkemöller case, ‘Hire for attitude / train for skills’, this year we join forces with Praxis this year. The case ‘Recruitment and selection? Do it yourself, do it with the right recruitment technology’ has been nominated in the category ‘recruitment’. During Werf & Live we will face Albert Heijn, Gemeente Eindhoven (JobTalk), ING (IT class) and Jumbo (Endouble).

Description of the project

For a DIY chain with 118 of its own stores and 3,600 staff, you’d expect a well organised recruitment and selection policy. Which is what Praxis has, says Merel Vollenberg, Head of Personnel Development and Organisation. “Only the policy isn’t executed by a recruiter. All store managers take care of their own vacancies themselves, from recruitment through to appointment.’

Centralised to decentralised

How does that work? Back when Praxis still had a central policy, the Head Office would make the initial selection of candidates. “But the candidates we sent through didn’t usually match the profile the store manager was looking for”, Vollenberg explains. “This would often lead to the store manager pursuing candidates that applied for jobs in person in the store. But as a company, you don’t want the first person that walks through the door; you want the best person for the job.’

Praxis achieved pre-selection for Awards with a decentralized recruitment process

Mismatch no more

Deze mismatch is nu opgelost door winkelmanagers zelf het proces uit te laten voeren, zegt Vollenberg. ‘Maar wel met de juiste tools, zodat de professionele en uniforme uitstraling behouden blijft. Samen met een aantal winkelmanagers is een toolkit ontworpen, met daarin wervingsmiddelen als een poster en vacatureteksten. Vervolgens kwam HROffice Recruitment op de hoek kijken. Het recruitmentsysteem biedt de mogelijkheid vacatures te plaatsen en sollicitanten op winkelniveau vanuit één overzicht te beoordelen.’


The store managers also received support with selection. “Candidates are preselected using a questionnaire with questions such as: when are you available? Are you prepared to undertake further training? Are you 16 or older? In addition, automatic screening in the fraud register also takes place. Lastly, a concise digital assessment (developed by LTP Business Psychologists)- the Jobscan – offers structure to a second interview.”

Practice calls decentralized for candidates to apply

The result

The transition to this decentralised yet technologically supported recruitment policy had a positive impact on Praxis in three ways, explains Vollenberg:

  1. “The most significant impact has been on turnover rates within a trial period of before the end of a contract: this has fallen from 29 to 10 per cent. So the new policy ensures a better match between the candidate selected and the role.”
  2. “The new policy has allowed for all applications to be clearly received and saved in 1 database, instead of how it used to be: multiple inboxes, and in the case of multiple visits to stores in person, paper letters.
  3. “And, last but not least: the policy was well received by the store managers. There was some initial scepticism after a pilot with 11 stores, but that soon turned into enthusiasm. Putting the store managers in charge has created real engagement, and the quality of the selection has risen.”

Some comments from store managers:

 “I just want to say, I think it’s a good system. I’ve already posted 2 vacancies, received 2 responses and refused them right away, and it works well and is quick. Being the digital illiterate that I am, I just wanted to share this with you.”

“I think it’s a TOP system! I’ve already recruited 20 support staff using HROffice. Quality!”

Praxis store managers judge HROffice Recruitment

Why should this project win a Werf& Award?

The new Praxis policy takes recruitment to the store managers, without it being to the detriment of a professional and uniform message. “By issuing clear guidelines and making quality tools available, all store managers work in the same way and the quality-of-hire is enhanced. It gives store managers the chance to assess and compare all the responses and challenges them to take a critical look at the quality of the candidates, with a far lower turnover of staff as the result.”

In addition, the candidate experience is now central to the process, meaning that no more (quality) candidates are getting lost and the candidate is and remains in direct contact with the store manager. Vollenberg: “The amazing thing about this project is that the whole thing came about without a single recruiter.”

Credits case

The next persons, departments and/or external parties are involed with this case:

  • Melithsa Demmers – HR Director Praxis
  • Merel Vollenberg – Head Personel Development and Organisation Praxis
  • Marjon Vlug – Projectmedewerker Communication Praxis (external)
  • Suzan Karhof – Consultant LTP
  • Niels Broerse – Manager Sales HROffice Recruitment
  • Rene Beekhuis – Accountmanager HROffice Recruitment
  • Natasja Wassenaar – Marketing & Communication Specialist

This article was published on 15 March 2017 on the website of Werf&. Read the original publication (Dutch) here.

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