Top 5: Make optimal use of your modular recruitment system by adding these five functionalities to the software

How to you gain control over your recruitment process? This is a question many a recruiter, HR manager and HR profession face. Issuing vacancies, managing and selecting candidates can cost a lot of time and money, after all. But not with an optimally functioning recruitment system.

What is a recruitment system? A recruitment system, also called an ATS, is a software application that allows you to set-up, execute and manage all the stages in the recruitment process in a fast and practical manner. Recruitment system providers are cropping up all over the place, offering companies a choice between complete or modular recruitment systems. HROffice Recruitment swears by the latter, which enables organisations to decide which functionalities they need and which they don’t.

How does a modular recruitment system work?

HROffice Recruitment is essentially a free recruitment system for managing vacancies and processing candidates, among other things. Your recruitment system can subsequently be enhanced at any time with numerous functionalities, but the possibilities are extensive and you may well not need all of the modules. That’s why we discuss the top 5 functionalities for optimising your recruitment software, here.

1.  Team review

The ‘Team evaluation’ module allows you to invite a manager, team leader or other colleague to view candidate profiles and give feedback. As the person in charge of recruitment, you can use the evaluations to select the best candidate and invite them for a preliminary interview. That way, you find the right candidate together with your colleagues. After all, they are the ones who will be working with the new colleague directly!

It works as follows: through the system, you can send an invitation to a colleague or colleagues to evaluate candidates. He or she will then see the status of the outstanding evaluations for each vacancy on their dashboard.

Would you also like to involve colleagues in the selection of candidates? Team evaluation provides an overview of all requested evaluations from the candidate file. This makes it clear for everyone, who deems which candidates suitable and who still needs to be evaluated.

2. Manage vacancies
The ‘Manage vacancies’ module makes it easy to issue, manage and post vacancies on your intranet, website or social media channels. You can then allocate them to vacancy holders and re-use them when they next become vacant. You can also elaborate on the application form with preselection questions. Using targeted questions, you select suitable candidates for interview. This affords you the following benefits:

  • Determine whether or not to use a questionnaire for each vacancy.
  • You can then give each question a minimum score; if a candidate scores below that score, he or she is automatically treated as an ‘unsuitable’ candidate. This tells you that this candidate is not suitable for the role, leaving you only to send a rejection letter.
  • The candidates’ answers are automatically saved in his or her candidate file.

By using the preselection questions, you are handing over a part of the selection process to the candidates themselves. This results in huge timesavings!

3. Talentpool

It can sometimes happen that you receive very suitable candidates, but have no suitable job available at that time. The ‘Talent pool’ module enables you to save this talent, so that you can approach them directly when a suitable vacancy arises. This can save you a lot of time and money!

Talent pool enables you to communicate quickly and easily with your potential talent. For example, you can post regular updates about developments within the company and approach them personally when a new vacancy arises. But do ensure that your talent pool remains up-to-date!

Top 5 functionalities: Talentpool

4. Reports

Overview, insight and analysis. This is what the ‘Reports’ module offers you. Gain insight into the results of your recruitment efforts with the help of various auto-generated reports. These might include cost-per-hire and time-to-hire, as well as the number of hires and return from the channels that have been used. In reporting various activities within the recruitment process, you learn valuable figures that can be adjusted where necessary.
The reports are easy to download and share in Excel. Reports offers you the following possibilities:

  • Produce, save and re-use unlimited reports.
  • Clear presentation of your recruitment process for management.
  • Time savings thanks to the recording of results and periodical re-use of reports.

5. Interview planning

Interview planning can be a time-consuming job. The ‘Interview planning’ module allows you to invite both the candidate and colleagues to an interview. This not only saves you time, but also offers the candidate an optimal candidate experience.

It works like this: the candidate receives an email with your proposed date and time, to which he or she can reply that this proposal suits or not. If not, the candidate can simply propose an alternative. All appointments are clearly displayed in your calendar, so that there’s no risk of you double-booking.

Are you ready for optimally functioning recruitment software? It is available to purchase from the HR Appstore webshop, where you’ll also find a full overview of all the modules available. Alternatively, take a look at our website.

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