Workforce Management

Increase the effectiveness of your workforce scheduling.


The all-in-one solution

HROffice Workforce Management gives you control over workforce scheduling. This tool plans, helps with time registration, calculates hours worked and any overtime, plus takes care of payrolling for employees and flex workers. It represents a total solution for effective workforce planning in any organisation.


Any place, any time access

Planners, team leaders, employees and temping agencies can all use HROffice Workforce Management. The scheduling tool is a straightforward and user-friendly SaaS solution ensuring that everyone has insight into the workforce scheduling, wherever they are.


More than just planning

Our scheduling tool goes further than workforce scheduling alone. HROffice Workforce Management has an integrated CAO (Collective Labour Agreement) module, which correctly categorises types of hours. The tool can also be used to take into account the skill sets, availability and location of the workforce.


Possibilities within HROffice Workforce Management

A helping hand with payrolling, payslips and invoices

Bringing the entire scheduling process full circle, HROffice Workforce Management also offers support with payrolling, generating payslips and invoices. For the payrolling aspect, HROffice Workforce Management works alongside the Nmbrs web application. But if a different payroll system is already in place, we can equally transfer the data from our scheduling application over to that other payroll system.

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Manage, roster and register permanent and flex staff in a single system

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Forget Excel. Thanks to our HROffice Workforce Management planning software, workforce scheduling is quick and easy. The software can even take into account specific skill sets, repeat shifts and availability. All hours worked can be tracked via the tool, and reports can be generated quickly and easily. These reports are easy to subsequently export from HROffice Workforce Management.

Save time with an easy way to register and authorise working time

Use your valuable time wisely and take advantage of HROffice Workforce Management. Hours worked are easy to register, authorise and track using the working time registration tool. Overtime or bonuses are calculated automatically based on a collective labour agreement (CAO), and your schedule can be linked to time registration clocks. This reduces the margin for error and saves a lot of time.


HROffice Workforce Managementis the scheduling tool for any sector.

"Producing and sharing the schedule with staff used to be a full-time job. Now, I do the whole thing in about 6 hours a week."Erik ten Driel, Planner H&M

The benefits of HROffice Workforce Management

Greater insight, lower costs.

HROffice Workforce Management simplifies everything around workforce scheduling. It represents an all-in-one solution for effective workforce scheduling. The HROffice Workforce Management workforce scheduling software can be used by client, supplier, planner and employee alike and is easy to grasp.
The user-friendly and flexible planning application is all-encompassing. The tool is compliant with legislation and regulations, provides a clear overview of sick leave and leave of absence and also offers insight into availability and skill sets of staff. Flex workers? No problem! HROffice Workforce Management allows for the scheduling of both permanent and flex staff in a single system.


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